Open Poultry Show 

Thursday, September 2nd  

Crouch-Woolum Agriculture Building

Registration is at 5:30 PM and the Show starts at 6:30 PM or following the 4H Poultry Show


  • Exhibitors are limited to 2 entries per class.

  • Exhibitors must bring entries to the judging table when called.

  • Entries are released at the conclusion of the show.

  • The Fair will not be responsible for loss of any kind.

  • Premiums/Awards:  First - $5, Second - $3, Third - $2

    • Best of Show - Rosette,  Reserve Best of Show - Rosette​

  • Hens and Pullets will show together in the female class, Roosters and Cockerels will show together in the male class.

  • All poultry will follow class breakdowns per American Poultry Association (APA).


P1 American Females

P2 American Males

P3 Asiatic Females

P4 Asiatic Males

P5 English Females

P6 English Males

P7 Mediterranean Females

P8 Mediterranean Males

P9 Continental Females

P10 Continental Males

P11 Other Standard Breeds Females

P12 Other Standard Breeds Males