Exhibit Hall

Our Exhibit Hall is located directly behind the fairgrounds office in our newest building! There will be wonderful items on display that our exhibitors are proud to showcase. Think you may be interested in being an exhibitor this year? Well be sure to click on the classes below to decide how many items you want to bring in! If you have any questions feel free to e mail us at AlexandriaFairgrounds@gmail.com

**Click on the links below to access more detailed information**

***Exhibit Hall Rules***

What Goes Into a Good Exhibit

1 - Fruits

2 - Vegetables

3 - Miscellaneous Harvest

4 - Jumbo Vegetables

5 - Baking and Candy

6 - Canning

7 - Flowers

8 - Needlework

9 - Handwork

10 - Artwork 

11- Photography