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Jumbo Vegetables

1 Entry Per Class

  1. Largest pumpkin                    

  2. Largest watermelon                

  3. Largest sunflower                   

  4. Largest cucumber                   

  5. Largest ripe tomato                 

  6. Largest Green Tomato             

  7. Largest  potato                         

  8. Largest Sweet Potato               

  9. Largest cabbage                      

  10. Largest carrot                          

  11. Largest onion                          

  12. Largest white squash               

  13. Largest yellow squash

  14. Largest acorn squash

  15. Largest ear of yellow corn

  16. Largest ear of white corn

  17. Largest Beet

  18. Largest cushaw

  19. Largest zucchini

  20. Largest green pepper

  21. Largest green banana pepper

  22. Largest red pepper

  23. Largest yellow pepper

  24. Any other jumbo vegetable

Champion Vegetable Exhibitor

$6 awarded to the Exhibitor winning the greatest number of first place premiums in the Vegetable Classes. If two or more Exhibitors receive the same number of first premiums, the Exhibitor winning the greatest number of first and second premiums will be declared the Winner.

Trophy by: In memory of Robert T. (Bobby) Knuehl

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