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Entertainment Stage



1.) Be a girl between the ages of 10 and 12 years old. (Must be 10 before September 1, 2019 and cannot be 13 before October 31, 2019)

2.) Be a Kentucky resident and be enrolled in a Kentucky School.

3.) Contestants will show in dresses.

4.) Attend Pageant on Sunday, September 1, 2019 at 2:30 pm on the Entertainment Stage. Contestants must be at the Fairgrounds by 2 pm.

5.) Not eligible to enter if you have previously won another county fair pageant in the state of Kentucky in 2019 in this age group.

6.) Judge’s Decision is FINAL. Judging will be based on beauty, appearance, poise and confidence.

7.) The Pageant Committee reserves the right to dismiss at anytime any contestant who does not show the proper amount of cooperation and courtesy to committee members, consultants, judges or fellow contestants. Any conduct deemed unbecoming by the Pageant Committee will automatically disqualify a contestant.

8.) Winner will receive flowers, crown and sash.

9.) Agree to participate in assigned Fair activities for 2019 and 2020.

10.) Winner will be required to participate in the annual “Miss Pre-Teen County Fair of Kentucky” Beauty Pageant that will be on October 18 & 19, 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky. (This will be a paid overnight trip with $100 for expenses associated with the Pageant. The first runner-up will represent the Alexandria Fair in the event the winner becomes ineligible or is unable to attend the State Pageant)

11.) Non-refundable entry fee of $35 must accompany the entry form.

12) Entries will be taken Sunday, August 18th 1-3 pm and Thursday, August 22nd 7-8 pm, at the Alexandria Fairgrounds Dining Hall. No entries will be taken after 8 pm on August 22nd without late fee.

Contestants and Parents/Guardians must agree to the following:

I (We) hold harmless the Campbell County Agricultural Society (Alexandria Fair & Horse Show), their stockholders, officers, directors, associate members, junior members, volunteers, agents, servants and employees against all claims or demands arising or resulting from my participation in the Pageant. Without limitations, I (we) hold them harmless for accidents, damages to or loss of personal property, equipment and/or clothing, bodily injury, sickness, mental anguish or death from any cause in conjunction with the Pageant. In addition, I (we) agree all photographs, film, videotape and other publicity materials resulting from my association with and participation in the Pageant will become the property of the Campbell County Agricultural Society (Alexandria Fair & Horse Show) to be used as they see fit and without compensation to me.

Click below for a printable registration form:

Send registration forms to:

Alexandria Fair

P.O Box 302 Alexandria, Ky 41001

Attn: Valerie True

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