Sunday Evening Horseshow

82.) Carriage Class, Period- $250 class

83.) Arabian/Half Arabian Halter, Open, Pure or part- $100 class

84.) ASB Driving, Show Pleasure- $100 class

85.) ASB 5-Gaited, Juvenile, Exhibitors 17 yrs. & under- $150 class

86.) Road Pony, Juvenile, Exhibitors 17 yrs. & under- $100 class

87.) Paso Fino- $150 class

88.) SCHA Garnett & Aldena Wood Memorial Junior Road Pony Championship- Added Purse

  • Must have shown in two SCHA qualifying classes

89.) Arabian/Half Arabian Native Costume- $150 class

90.) Multiple Carriage Class- $250 class

91.) ASB Show Pleasure, Juvenile- $150 class

  • Exhibitors 17 yrs. & under

92.) Road Horse Combination- $150 class

93.) Arabian/Half Arabian Western Pleasure, Pure or part- $150 class

94.) Hackney, Open (Cob)- $150 class

95.) ASB 3-Gaited, Full Mane & Tail, Open- $150 class

96.) Carriage Class, Open- $250 class

97.) Road Pony under Saddle, Exhibitors 17 yrs. and under- $150 class

98.) Arabian/Half Arabian English Pleasure, Open, Pure or Part- $150 class

99.) ASB Country Pleasure, Flat shod, 18 yrs. & over- $150 class

100.) Amateur Road Horse- $150 class

101.) Hackney Harness Pony- $150 class

102.) ASB Amateur 3-Gaited, Clipped Mane- $150 class

103.) Road Pony, 52” & under- $150 class

104.) ASB Western Pleasure- $150 class

  • Stallions, mares, or geldings. Not a qualifying class.


NOTE:  There will be a $25 charge for ALL returned checks.



  • All exhibitors must present health certificates and Coggins test papers for their horses and/or ponies before animals will be permitted to show. All animals must conform to the general health rules and regulations posted in the secretary office. 

  • All Stalls will be rented from Friday September 3rd, through Monday September 6th 2021 at $30.00 per stall. Stall reservations will be accepted in advance, providing payment is received in advance. Cancellations can be made up to 7 days before the Fair (Friday August 27th, 2021) and stalls will be refunded.

  • Any stall not rented by Friday, September 3rd, will be rented on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Entry fees will be $15 per entry, except where otherwise noted. On Championship Night (Monday September 6th 2021) for those who tie, entry fee will be $30 for all $350 & $400 classes and $35 for $1000 & $1500 classes. Entry fees will be subtracted from winnings. To qualify, exhibitors must show in appropriate classes at the 2019 Alexandria Fair.

  • Entries must be made 1/2 hour prior to show time.

  • All grooms must remain in designated areas. They may not render assistance from reserved boxes or grandstand.

  • Proper attire is required in all classes.

  • Requests for tack changes must be made with the horse show office staff at time of entry. IF GRANTED tack change will be no more than 2 minutes.

For Information Contact:

Doug Carmack, Show Manager

PO Box 302

Alexandria, KY  41001

(859) 393-0621 (Mobile) 


Sally McNichols, Show Secretary

PO Box 302

Alexandria, KY  41001

(859) 391-9800 (Cell)